Wednesday, March 05, 2003

IS EUROPE FREE RIDING OFF AMERICA?: Stuart Taylor thinks so. He also thinks anti-Americanism is just dumb. I'd have to agree.

Take the views of many anti-war Europeans that Iraq should not be invaded but "contained." By whom? France? Germany? Belgium? They could not contain the two-bit Serbian tyrant, Slobodan Milosevic. And they have been no help -- indeed, they have been a great hindrance -- in containing Iraq. They want the U.S. to do it, through a costly, draining, long-term commitment of American forces. At the same time, they bash the U.S. for the military pressure and economic sanctions -- "starving Iraqi babies" -- that undergird containment.

The ignorance and hypocrisy of the European free-riders is perhaps best illustrated by their clamoring that Bush is bent on a greed-driven "war for oil." But Bush could get a lot more cheap oil, a lot sooner, by joining the long-standing French-Russian push to lift the sanctions on Iraqi exports than by spending vast sums and betting his presidency on an invasion and occupation of Iraq. No American leader would dream of invading but for Saddam's persistence in seeking weapons of mass destruction. If Bush's goal were to grab an oil-rich colony for his corporate buddies, Venezuela would be a much easier target.

It's true that the vast oil reserves in and near Iraq help drive U.S. policy -- but not in a way that justifies European or Arab sneers. It is oil that brings Saddam enough money to buy and build weapons of mass destruction. And the regional hegemony he seeks would enable him to raise prices to extortionate levels. Every other nation in the world has at least as strong an interest as the United States does in denying Saddam such a stranglehold on the global economy.

The tidal wave of anti-Americanism has multiple wellsprings, of course. Critics are understandably resentful of the Bush administration's arrogant demeanor; its disdain for international institutions, agreements, and diplomatic niceties; and its unqualified support of Israel's Ariel Sharon and his expansionist settlement polices. And they're understandably attached to a U.N.-centered vision of international law that has worked well enough in Western Europe -- ever since America liberated and rebuilt the place -- but is useless against terrorists and rogue regimes with weapons of mass destruction. Mix in German pacifism; Russian insecurity; French ego and cynicism; Arab self-pity, paranoia, and envy; and near-universal resentment of the world's only superpower.

But underlying them all is the implicit calculation that the safest course for European nations (and others) is to obstruct American policies while free riding on American power. This calculation rests on two assumptions that may prove to be catastrophically wrong. The first is that as long as Paris and Berlin appease the Arab world and Europe's own militant Muslims, it will be New York and Washington -- not Paris or Berlin -- that are targeted for destruction by any weapons of mass destruction that jihadists obtain from Iraq or other rogue regimes. The second is that Europe need not share in the costs and risks of keeping rogue regimes in check, because Uncle Sam will do it for them.

Read the whole thing as they say.
MAKE LOVE AND WAR: Or as Asparagirl says, "F*ck for Freedom!"

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

SIGN UP: If you, like I, are tired of Michael Moore's attempts to throw out ridiculous rhetoric disguised as "documentaries" and "facts", then sign this Michael Moore Accountability petition, and let this egomaniac know how you feel.

THANKS MICHAEL MOORE: Thanks to Mikey, French students will have the pleasure" of viewing Bowling for Columbine in schools. And get this, it's mandatory. And yes, like you my sensible readers, I have no idea what Bowling for Columbine has to do with France except to feed into the anti-Americanism that is already prevalent there. And you can thank Michael Moore who is making a good chunk of change off the whole endeavour! Thanks Mikey!

ANTI-IDIOTARIAN CARTOONISTS: Anti-idiotarian cartoonists Cox and Forcum have their own blog up now with some of the funniest cartoons you'll ever lay eyes on. Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating but they are very good. Check it out.

Monday, March 03, 2003

FISKING EDWARD SAID: E. Nough has this ridiculously good fisking of "intellectual" Jew-hater Edward Said. This might be the best Fisking I've seen yet, a must read folks.
HUMAN SHIELDS CHICKEN OUT: This is absolutely hysterical.

Not everyone was upset by the latest turn in events. Ken O'Keefe, 33, the founder of the human shields movement who served as a US marine during the Gulf war, had always planned to protect Iraqi "installations" should bombs rain down on the capital.

During the journey, the heavily-tattooed O'Keefe, who earned the title "black Ken" on account of his penchant for the colour and outlook on life, had alienated his companions who felt he had developed both a death wish and a messiah complex. Prone to tantrums and mood swings, his credibility had not been helped by the fact that he had, for much of the journey, been accompanied by his mother, Pat.


And this too:

While the group visibly "radicalised" once in Iraq, Godfrey remained charming and affable. One afternoon, Sue Darling posted an angry message on the Andalus hotel noticeboard: "Can whoever stole my bag of nuts, sultanas and dried bananas, please return them. They are my emergency rations". Godfrey scrawled below: "Sue, I can let you have some of my prunes. If it would help."

How old are these people again?
SORRY FOR THE LIGHT POSTING: I was on a class trip to Ireland from Wednesday until late last night. I visited the Blarney Stone (which I kissed) and Killarney (a beautiful rural town) and finally Dublin (also very nice). In Dublin we visited the world famous Guiness Brewery and receided a free pint so needless to say, good times were had by all.

I'm not a big fan of Guiness though. Tastes way too much like bad coffee to me. Nevertheless, beer is beer or so they say.