Friday, February 21, 2003

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "By all reports it was 6 million (anti-war marchers) WORLDWIDE. 5 times as many people watched Joe Millionaire in the U.S. Hell, more people watched the second half of WWE Raw than protested the war, but does that merit international headlines?"
- JimK

I guess Stone Cold Steve Austin is just more interesting.
AGAINST WAR BUT LACKING ALTERNATIVES: Lee Harris explains why the anti-war folks are not being taken seriously.

If you oppose war, then fine. That's great. No one wants war. However, what truly irks me and many of the people that are for the war is that anti-war protestors always try to appear morally superior to those who support military action in Iraq because they're "for peace" and we're apparently not. Quite frankly, that's just stupid. Everyone is for peace! But if you don't support war, then what do you suggest we do? Ask this of any anti-war protestor and they will come up with nothing.
USEFUL IDIOTS: The Washington Post has the story on how the "peace" protestors are playing right into Saddam's hands and making him less likely to comply with UN resolutions. One has to wonder why none of the "peace" protestors didn't carry around signs such as "Saddam, please disarm to avoid war" or "Saddam, step down!". Instead, we were fed with several helpings of "Bush = Hitler" or "Down with the USA!" and the ever so lovely "Don't bomb Iraq, bomb Israel!".

And people wonder why I'm for the war now...

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

FISK BEING FISK: This guy just doesn't "get it", does he? Robert Fisk is now insulting all Arabs who didn't attend the anti-war protests. Now surely there are many Arabs who are against the war, but does Fisk even consider why so many Arabs were not at the protests?

Could anything be more pathetic than the Arab demonstration against war? A million Britons marched in London, more than half a million Spaniards in Madrid; 200,000 in Paris and New York. And Cairo? Well, just 600 Egyptians turned up in their capital to protest at America's forthcoming invasion of brotherly Iraq – surrounded by 3,000 security police. By way of contrast – brave contrast – 2,000 Israelis protested in Tel Aviv against the war.

What on earth is it with the Arabs? Of all people, they – and they alone – are likely to suffer in this American invasion of their homeland. They – and they alone – have the will and the ability to understand that this US military adventure is intended – as Colin Powell, the Secretary of State, frankly declared last week – to change the map of the Middle East.

Oh. My. Fucking. God. Hey Robert, did you ever consider that perhaps many of the Arabs absent from the protests, particularly Iraqi exiles who didn't even bother to show up at all, are not protesting the war because they want the United States and a "coalition of the willing" to bomb the shit out of Iraq as you would say? Maybe, just maybe, they want Saddam to go? Did that even cross your god-damned head? You are quite frankly the stupidest man alive and make Michael Moore look like a Rhodes scholar by comparison. And yes, I hope you're reading this.

DEMOCRATS LOSING THE "BLACK VOTE": It looks like it's all but over. The Democrats are now losing the tradionally Democrat "black vote".

No word on whether Al Sharpton will call all libertarians and Republicans "racist" for the thousandth time as of yet.
AMERICAN UNIVERSITY SNOWATHON: And since I haven't reported on anything at American University in a while, take a look at some of the snow the school has been getting while I've been away!
"SHUT UP!": John McCain, a man I would have voted for in 2000, recently was on the Sean Hannity radio show. He had two very simple words for our former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton: "Shut up!".

McCain is right considering that Clinton is the reason that North Korea has nukes right now and Carter couldn't find his way out of a paper bag these days.

No word if Michael Moore will claim that the "warmongers" are attempting to crush dissent as of yet.
BET ON REALITY: Mark Steyn eloquently displays what many (notice I didn't say all) of the anti-war demonstrators are thinking and just how stupid they sound. According to him, the "curtain will come down on the peaceniks":

Hitler's problem was that he was over-invested in ideology. He'd invented a universal theory -- the wickedness of the international Jewish conspiracy -- and he persisted in fitting every square peg of cold hard reality into that theory's round hole. Thus, Churchill must be a "puppet of Jewry." As a general rule, when it's reality versus delusion, bet on reality. That held true in the Cold War. Moral equivalists like Harold Pinter insisted that America and the Soviet Union were both equally bad. But the traffic across the Berlin Wall was all one way. East German guards were not unduly overworked trying to keep people from getting in. The Eastern bloc collapsed because it was a lie, and the alternative wasn't.

Well, the Soviet Union's gone now so Pinter no longer has to observe the pox-on-both-their-houses niceties. Addressing the demonstrators on Saturday, he declared that the U.S. is "a country run by a bunch of criminals ... with Tony Blair as a hired Christian thug."

Got that? It's not Saddam who's the thug, it's Tony. It's not the Baathist killers from Tikrit who are the bunch of criminals, it's the Republican Party. It's not the million-man murderer of Baghdad who's the new Hitler, it's George W. Bush. It's not the Iraqi one-party state with its government-controlled media that "crushes dissent," it's the White House. It's not the Wahhabis who are the fundamentalists, it's Bush, Blair and the other Christians. It's not Osama bin Laden who's the terrorist, it's American foreign policy. Supporting the continued enslavement of the Iraqi people is "pacifist," but it's "racist" for America to disagree with the UN, even though it's Colin Powell and Condi Rice doing the disagreeing and the fellows they're disagreeing with are a bunch of white guys from Europe.

The new Universal Theory, to which 99% of Saturday's speakers and placards enthusiastically subscribed, is that, whatever the problem, American imperialist cowboy aggression is to blame. In fact, it's not so different from the old Universal Theory, in that the international Zionist conspiracy is assumed to be behind the scenes controlling the cowboys: Bush is a "puppet of Jewry," just like Churchill was -- notwithstanding the fact that America's Jews voted overwhelmingly for Gore. But, if you believe that the first non-imperialist great power in modern history is the source of all the world's woes, then logic is irrelevant. "It's all about oil"? Yes, for the French, whose stake in Iraqi oil is far more of a determining factor than America's ever has been or will be. "America created Saddam"? No, not really, the French and Germans and Russians have sold him far more stuff, and Paris built him that reactor which would have made him a nuclear power by now, if the Israelis hadn't destroyed it in the Eighties.

But, as Colin Powell and Jack Straw have surely learned by now, there's no real point doing the patient line-by-line rebuttal: Nobody's interested in French oil contracts or German arms sales or even Saddamite corpse tallies because it doesn't fit into the Universal Theory which insists that everything can be explained by the Evil of America. On the other hand, the indestructible belief that "over 4,000" civilians were killed by U.S. bombs in Afghanistan is impervious to scientific evidence because it accords perfectly with the Universal Theory.

Bet on reality.