Friday, December 20, 2002

NEW CANDIDATES: Add these nutjobs to the Idiotarian of the Year Award balot. James Lileks has the story on two people who just really hate Christmas. Here's the money quote:

"Who is Santa?" she asks heatedly. "He is the mall's puppet.... Children are taught to worship this white, heterosexual man who overeats. I mean, it's wrong."

I've never seen a child worship Santa Claus. But that's beside the point. Who the hell cares if Santa Claus is heterosexual or not? Apparently these self-righteous assholes do. If they really wanted to help someone over the holidays next time, why don't they donate to a needy charity instead of trying to convince everyone else that they're evil for buying "mass consumer" presents for their children? Or better yet, why don't they fall off the face of the Earth?

I know I'd be happy.
IDIOTARIAN OF THE YEAR: Charles Johnson has his candidates and they're all so good, it's really a tough call. Since Robert Fisk has apparently had the award named after him, (and rightly so), I would have to go with either Michael Moore or Sean Penn. I think Penn wins this one due to his recent statement, declaring Iraq free of weapons of mass destruction. Here's what Sean had to say:

He confirmed that Iraq is completely clear of weapons of mass destruction and the United Nations must adopt a positive stance towards Iraq.

This is the epitome of why most Americans think people in Hollywood are living in a fantasy world. Whether or not Iraq has weapons of mass destruction is not the point, but why in the world do any of the Hollywood "elites" think they are the authoritarians on world affairs? Why in the world would Saddam reveal his weapons programs to one Sean Penn?!? Hollywood has its head so far up its ass its a wonder any of its actors can see anymore.

Sean Penn gets my vote as Idiotarian of the Year.
LOTT STEPS DOWN: Trent Lott did the right thing and stepped down as Senate Majority Leader today.

No word yet as to whether the Democrats will continue to play the race card as they have done for the last half century or so.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

SULLIVAN ON AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: And here is Andrew's take on affirmative action, which couldn't be more dead on:

Here's a telling email taking me to task for describing affirmative action as the "new racism":
You wrote, "The equation of opposition to affirmative action or hate-crime laws or any other number of leftist policies with racism strikes me as a massively cheap shot." As a moderate liberal who supports affirmative action but sympathizes with the argument against it, I completely agree with you. But in another post, you claim that affirmative action is the "new racism." Now, let's assume that liberals and conservatives both want a society in which blacks and whites are judged equally. "Color-blindness," after all, is the rationale that affirmative action opponents use to defend their stance. But if that is true, the real difference is that supporters believe equal opportunity is impossible given the nation's racial history and level of current prejudice, while opponents believe that color-blindness is a realistic ideal. Thus the question is more empirical than ideological. We may be wrong about our approach, but we're not bigots.
I take that point. But it seems to me that the writer is essentially saying that because his heart is in the right place, his support for public racial discrimination is not racist. My position is that we should assume that everyone's heart is in the right place but still see racial discrimination for what it is. Jim Crow was a disgusting attempt to segregate and define people by race. It was unquestionably worse than affirmative action. But affirmative action is also an attempt by government to define people by race. In practice it often means denying someone a job or a place at a college solely because of their race. I think that's an almost text-book definition of racism. Just because the racism is directed at a majority doesn't make it any less discriminatory on an individual basis. And just because it's aimed at eventually creating a color-blind society doesn't make it color-blind. My view is that we should try and get beyond these racial categories altogether, and I don't think enforcing them even more rigorously is a good way of doing that. Yes, my words were provocative, and deliberately so. But racial discrimination is racial discrimination is racial discrimination. And the person who is subjected to it couldn't care less if the perpetrator is an old bigot or an well-meaning liberal.

Affirmative action is racist in two ways. First is the more obvious implication that affirmative action bases admittance into certain schools or institutions based entirely on race. That is, by its very definition, a "racist" policy. However, the more subtle racism of affirmative action is its assumption that African Americans or other minorities are somehow less capable of success than are Caucasians. Its coddling of African Americans is similar to the coddling of a child, a "you need help because you can't do it yourself" attitude. This is precisely why there are an increasing number of African Americans who are against affirmative action because frankly, it is insulting to them. And rightly so.

Let it be known that it is not people against affirmative action who are racists. It is people who are for affirmative action, who are, whether inadvertantly or not, the racist ones.
IS EMINEM A CONSERVATIVE?: He just might be. Andrew Sullivan notes that Eminem's new movie has a lot of conservative tendencies:

Not so big a stretch in some ways. Gerry Marzorati makes the case well:
So, does Eminem get to do the Super Bowl halftime show? I mean, what's left besides a White House drop-by? Which might not be all that far-fetched, given the warmth of the mainstream's embrace of Mr. Mathers. There are precedents: Gun-toting Elvis' visit with Nixon, Michael Jackson's photo op with Reagan. And the Eminem story — or the movie version that unfolded in 8 Mile — is an echt Republican story, one about pulling yourself up and overcoming your circumstances while your pathetic single mom waits around for a handout.
I too was struck by the ferocious individualism of the movie, "8 Mile." Yes, his friends were crucial. But the message of the story was that you have to escape from hell by yourself. Any other way is somehow inauthentic. And that rough independence is another reason why I find Eminem so appealing and intoxicating: post-racial Americanism, if you will. You only have to see the movie to see why someone like Trent Lott is just hopelessly lost in contemporary culture. Jesse Jackson too.

I don't consider myself to be a rap fan, at least not anymore. Believe it or not, I was at one point. But I always respected Eminem because his lyrics struck a chord with me: primarily the triumph of the human will and spirit and how it could overcome any adversity. Ironically, it was the liberal "politicall correct" crowd that was trying to hold a poor man down. And the welfare his mother was receiving was doing to help her become successful. It was Eminem, through his do-it-yourself attitude, that climbed out of poverty and into success. Welfare only increases poverty because it gives people incentive not to try or care. 8 Mile is proof of this.

YUCK: These are what the new Twin Tower buildings are supposed to look like?!? C'mon guys, you can do better than this.

Monday, December 16, 2002

SWEET IRONY: Apparently some Native Americans think it was a good thing Hitler "fried" those 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. Apparently the Jews were taking over the world.

Let's not forget that Native Americans do not feel that the killing of their own people was justified as part of the American Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. And rightly so. But when it comes to other minorities, like the Jews, well then just kill away.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

ANTI-SEMITISM ON CAMPUS: Here's an excellent article on how America's college campuses have become so anti-Israel, and beyond that, anti-Semitic.

Here's the most honest line about Israel I've seen in a while:

Anti-Semitism thrives because slandering Israel is the only aggression against a minority that is encouraged by the rules of political correctness.

It's funny how political correctness only applies to some minorities. Disgusting.