Friday, November 08, 2002

HOT OR NOT?: Is my roomate, Josh Kraushaar, HOT or NOT?

Note: The muttonchops were digitally added, but don't they make him look friggin' cool?
ALIES AND ISRAEL: The amazing Alan Dershowitz has a must read article on how an extraterrestrial friend might view Israel in the grand scheme of things versus how Israel is viewed by the earthly inhabitants already here. A big dichotomy I'd say. Here's the money quote:

He would learn that in Egypt, homosexuals are routinely imprisoned and threatened with execution; that in Jordan suspected terrorists and other opponents of the government are tortured, and that if individualized torture does not work, their relatives are called in and threatened with torture as well; that in Saudi Arabia, women who engage in sex outside of marriage are beheaded; that in Iraq, political opponents are routinely murdered en masse and no dissent is permitted; that in Iran members of religious minorities, such as Baha'is and Jews, are imprisoned and sometimes executed; that in all of these surrounding nations, anti-Semitic material is frequently broadcast on state-sponsored television and radio programs; in Saudi Arabia apartheid is practised against non-Muslims, with signs indicating that Muslims must go to certain areas and non-Muslims to others; that China has occupied Tibet for half a century; that in several African countries women are stoned to death for violating sexual mores; that slavery still exists in some parts of the world; and that genocide has been committed by a number of countries in recent memory.

Our curious visitor would wonder why there are no petitions circulating with regard to these human rights violators.Are the tactics used to combat terrorism by Israel worse than those used by the Russians against Chechen terrorists? Are Arab and Muslim states more democratic than Israel? Is there any comparable institution in any Arab or Muslim state to the Israeli Supreme Court, which frequently rules in favour of Palestinian claims against the Israeli government and military? Does the absence of the death penalty in Israel alone, among Middle East nations, make it more barbaric than the countries which behead, hang and shoot political dissidents? Is Israel's settlement policy, which 78% of Israelis want to end in exchange for peace, worse than the Chinese attempt at cultural genocide in Tibet? Is Israel's policy of full equality for openly gay soldiers and members of the Knesset somehow worse than the policy of Muslim states to persecute those who have a different sexual orientation than the majority? Is Israel's commitment to equality for women worse than the gender apartheid practised in Saudi Arabia?

Our visitor would be perplexed to hear the excuses made by university professors and students for why they are prepared to delegitimate Israel while remaining silent about the far worse abuses committed by other countries. If he were to ask a student about the abuses committed by other countries, he would be told (as I have been): "You're changing the subject. We're talking about Israel now." This reminds me of an incident from the 1920s involving then-Harvard president A. Lawrence Lowell. Lowell decided that the number of Jews admitted to Harvard should be reduced because "Jews cheat." When a distinguished alumnus, Judge Learned Hand, pointed out that Protestants also cheat, Lowell responded, "You're changing the subject; we're talking about Jews."

So why does Israel always get singled out for any acts it does in order to defend itself? I think I know why. Like former Congress woman and racist scumbag Cynthia McKinney's daddy said best, "It's the J-E-W-S".

Go ye now and read.
FUNNY STUFF: Some funny stuff courtesy of the Best Page in the Universe.

I particularly like the following entry:

That's interesting, everyone in this picture is white. Even the rainbow is white. Perhaps in an ideal world, everyone would be white isn't that right, Rachel? Or should I call you RACIST? Nice try, Hitler. F

Nothing ruins a young kid's self esteem better than lreferring to them as Da Fuhrer. Have you no shame?
AL QAEDA CONFESSES: Vodkapundit has the scoop on Al Qaeda admitting to the Bali bombings in Indonesia.

Will radical Left sites like Indymedia please stop posting crap such as when they "broke" a story after the bombing, claiming that the United States and the Israeli Moosad coordinated the attacks in their attempt to justify the war on terror, without a single news source to back them up? Such tactics are at best horrible journalism, and at worst, downright lies.

Update: It appears they have removed the "story" linking the US or Israel to the attacks or I'm looking in the wrong place. That's a good start. Now let's make sure it does not happen again.

Monday, November 04, 2002

THE SIMPSONS AND LIBERTARIANISM: The Simpsons, a show that is very subtly libertarian, showed why once again on it's Treehouse of Horrors 13 episode last night.

A cartoon advocating against strict gun control? Who'd a thunk it?
FROM CITIZENS TO CUSTOMERS: Good stuff from the Washington Post today. While it sounds bad when you're reading it over, it's really not that bad at all. It's actually a good thing I would argue. The last paragraph sums it up the best:

The selfless volunteer and the self-centered customer seem unlikely soul mates, but they are both products of a political system that has less and less use for real citizens -- citizens who dare to ask both what our government can do for us, and what we can do for our government.

The state is still important as our government plays a huge role in world affairs. But it seems as if ordinary citizens have left the political science majors to do their thing while everyone else justs pays their taxes and reaps the benefits from them. Nevertheless, it would be nice if more people voted though.
PROUD MEMBER OF THE COMMON SENSE PARTY: Now this is a party that's making a little sense. Mixing the best of the two major parties while weeding out the crap. Who's running for office?

Sunday, November 03, 2002


I'm George Washington. Who are you?
CONSPIRACY THEORY DEBUNKED: Joseph Alexnader Norland explains what most anti-idiotarians already knew. There is no international Zionist conspiracy trying to turn American foreign policy against Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is just a really backwards, despicable, messed up country. And he explains why in great detail.
GOD HATH ANSWERED THEE: You know how people always complain about how they're waiting for God to answer them? Why do they always assume the answer is gonna be yes?

The Onion has the scoop.