Saturday, October 26, 2002

TRIBUTE TO WELLSTONE: Here's a fitting tribute to Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, who passed away in a plane crash recently, from Peggy Noonan. Noonan is right when she says it shouldn't always be about politics
MOORE AT IT AGAIN: Rachel Lucas explains why Michael Moore is such a "Big Fat Idiot".

Michael is at it again, with his usual spinning and skewing of numbers to serve his agenda, in his effort to turn the United States into His own image. Moore claims he's a democrat, but he's actually a populist, a socialist, and an extreme elitist, posing as a man who cares about people. He is all of these things despite conveniently making tons of "loot" (as he would call it) off them, by selling his various movies and books to them, while keeping the money to himself. Where all are your charities Michael?...Michael?

It's too bad we have these two things called democracy and the Constitution. Otherwise, we'd be living in Michael's world. And I sure as hell would not want to be living in his "utopia", because it's already been tried in the USSR, China, Cuba and North Korea, to name a few, and we all saw how successful those countries were.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

SNIPER CAUGHT: Relax. You're safe now.
MORE LIBERAL HYPOCRISY: Another example of liberals being liberals, this time at my school, American University. The American University Living Wage campaign is back in action again, arguing that the Aramark workers on our campus (who traditionally receive relatively poor wages) should receive a "living wage", one that will allow them to afford basic services such as health insurance and a higher standard of living. Besides the obvious problem with this statement in that such a wage all but ignores the essence of a "free market" system, I personally wouldn't have a problem with it. I guess you might say I'm a social libertarian. However, liberals have no apparent concept of money, as last year, the campaign went as far as American University's General Assembly.

Once again, the cause was just, as I think such a plan is a good idea, and shows that the students care about these people. But even though the campaign was in full force, the organizer of the campaign had no idea where they were going to fund the program!

Well let me tell you: Students would be paying for it. Money doesn't grow on trees unfortunately. Each student at American University would be responsible for the increase in wages. During the American University radio show "American Pie", I ranted about the stupidity of not knowing where funding was coming from despite the campaign going as far as it had, and figured that the increase would cost roughly 200 dollars per student. I still wouldn't have a problem with this, and would be willing to pay for it.

But where was the campaign shot down? In the General Assembly, an organization run mostly by, you guessed it, liberals.

AU LIBERATARIANS: So I attended an AU Libertarians meeting last night and must say I was really impressed. I really didn't know what to expect because some libertarians are really out there, but I thought everyone there had something to contribute and all knew what they were talking about. I guess I'm officially in the club now. And ironically, my roomate, over at All About JoshK, who didn't even want to attend the meeting, is now in it too.

I was really skeptical about it at first, but I knew I was liking what I was hearing when the guest speaker had this to say (paraphrased of course):

"Liberals just don't get it. They claim to care about the less fortunate, and while their cause is just, they end up hurting them even more. Sweatshops, for example, are not necessarily something that should be supported, but liberals want them all closed down, not aware that people in many third world nations want to work in sweatshops because their alternative is starvation. Instead of boycotting companies that engage in this type of practice, let's do something productive, by letting them know we'd be willing to pay more if they were willing to pay those workers more. Boycotting only puts those people out of work, yet liberals think they're helping them. And let's not forget the hypocrisy of liberals denouncing capitalism while talking on their cell phones and wearing their Nikes."

First and foremost, I enjoy the liberties granted within the party itself. There is no general consensus among libertarians which makes it particularly attractive. And most importantly, libertarians rationalize, not propagandize.