Friday, September 06, 2002

HOW TO BE A GOOD ANTI-AMERICAN: A severely tongue-in-cheek, hilarious guide on how to be a good anti-American. My personal favorite is number 9:

TIP #9: The American example is always the worst

Overall, this is arguably the most important principle of anti-american behaviour: anything the americans do is *always* worse than anything anyone else does. One must not waste valuable time and energy criticising non-american countries, particularly if those countries are third-world toiletbowls run by genocidal tyrants. This might lead some gullible fools to believe that the USA isn't the worst place in the world.

Some examples;
- McDonalds selling bad hamburgers is worse than the Chinese murdering a million Tibetans
- The americans keeping "taliban Johnny" in prison is worse than Castro imprisoning his entire population and doing away with political opponents
- the worldwide popularity of american movies is worse than Hamas slaughtering Jewish civilians

Sources believe this guide is given to all University of California Berkeley freshman upon their arrival to college.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

THE TRIUMPH OF AMERICAN VALUES: A truly inspiring, must-read article by Mark Steyn.

First Steyn delivers a money quote debuking the European myth of complete unilateralism in the face of the War on Terror:

If the multilateral world is irrelevant, it’s because its organs — the UN, EU, Nato — are diseased and sclerotic, and it has shown no willingness in the last year to address the fact.

Does that mean Bush is a unilateralist? Not at all. Bilateralism is booming. Since 11 September, US-Russian, US-Chinese, US-Indian and US-Turkish relations have all improved, all of which are arguably more important than whether Washington sees eye to eye with Chris Patten. Only a very blinkered, self-absorbed Eurocentric would assume that because Mr Bush (as quoted in The Spectator last week) doesn’t ‘give a shit about the Europeans’, he doesn’t give a shit about anyone else: within a year, for example, the US has built productive relations with the Central Asian republics.

Another brilliant explanation of the events that transpired on Flight 93 on September 11th:

But the clearest way to understand the meaning of the day is to look at those who were called upon to act rather than theorise...
The most significant development of 11 September is that it marks the day America began to fight back: 9/11 is not just Pearl Harbor but also the Doolittle Raid, all wrapped up in 90 minutes. No one will ever again hijack an American airliner with boxcutters, or, I’ll bet, with anything else — not because of predictably idiotic new Federal regulations, but because of the example of Todd Beamer’s ad hoc platoon. Faced with a novel and unprecedented form of terror, American technology (cellphones) combined with the oldest American virtue (self-reliance) to stop it cold in little more than an hour. The passengers of Flight 93 were the only victims who knew what the hijackers had in store for them, and so they rose up, and began the transformation of Osama into a has-bin Laden.

Couldn't have said it better myself.
HOW THE TIMES REPLACED DEMOCRATS: Andrew Sullivan has an excellent article this week on how the New York Times has replaced the Democrats.
Sullivan disects many of the paper's recent articles, showing its growing trend of liberal bias. There is nothing wrong with having liberal columnists on your staff, but the news is not the place to indoctrinate an audience. Many of the articles in the Times should be branded as op-eds, yet instead they are printed as regular articles not open to debate.

Since the promotion of Howell Raines to chief editor, the paper has become a shadow of its former self. Raines has become so obsessed with protecting his own image that he is willing to go to extremes to prove his points.

Sometimes, this even meant straightforward lies. A front-page story proclaiming an astonishing 7 degree 30-year rise in average temperature in Alaska was followed up by an editorial and a column blaming global warming and Bush's inaction. It took outside bloggers to reveal that there was no evidence for this alleged rise, that the real rise was far smaller, and the Times had to correct itself a few weeks later.

Raines is an example of a liberal self hater. Sullivan nails it with this remark:

Raines is also a Southern white liberal from Alabama, a man eager to prove - even to the point of excess - that he isn't some Southern bigot. He won a Pulitzer for an excruciating, guilt-ridden memoir of his black nanny when he was a kid. So he over-shoots.

The same mentality is found among "multiculturalists" who believe we should pass no moral judgement on any culture, no matter how barbaric or disgusting they may be. One can hope the Times will return to its prior glory. I have a feeling we won't see that until Raines steps down.
AMERICAN BOREFEST: If someone becomes an American Idol, does anyone care?

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

A REMINDER ON SADAM: I won't be the one leading the charge demanding a pre-emptive strike in Iraq. I'm not sure if one is even necessary. However, this op-ed lays out Sadam's baggage, and why such a strike may be necessary.
HOW EUROPE FEELS: An interesting new poll is out showing that the majority of Europeans felt America had September 11th coming to it. Not surprisingly, the French were the biggest believers in this theory.

A large majority also felt the EU should become the world's second super power, to coincide with America, not "compete" with it.

Despite such polls, the reports found that Europeans and Americans share a lot of similar values, contrary to some reports.

"Despite reports of a rift between U.S. and European governments, our survey finds more similarities than differences in how the American and European publics view the larger world," said Craig Kennedy, president of German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF), which undertook the survey in conjunction with the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations (CCFR).

If so, it's time for Europe to realize the threat that is posed by Islamic fundamentalists and follow through with the NATO charter which declares an attack on one charter nation, is an attack on all NATO nations.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

A NEW TREND: Fresh off the heals of several lawsuits against the fast food industry, McDonalds has announced it is going to trim the fat in its french fries. The taste of the new fries could suffer, but Americans are unlikely to pass up the famous fries.

So now Americans will still be fat, but just half as fat. Well, at least it's progress...
IDIOTARIAN DEFINED: For those not aware of the term idiotarian, a common phrase uttered on the Blogosphere, E. Nough breaks it down for you here.