Saturday, August 31, 2002

NO STRIKE: So the players and owners have agreed not to strike. All I can say is Woo-hoo! Jayson Stark breaks down the agreement and how it affects all parties.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

BRADLEY EXPOSED: A royal "fisking" of John R. Bradley, writer for the Arab News paper by none other than Charles Johnson.
BASEBALL'S LOSERS: In baseball's labor negotiations, some in the sport will be hit particularly hard. The stadium employees, such as the marketing directors, or the major league scouts, or even the "Beer Guy" will be out of a job if there is a prolonged strike. But what's particularly sad about the whole strike is that most players, who aren't heading the Player's Union, (which has become too powerful for its own good), would like a deal to be made. Many baseball players don't make millions of dollars, and can't afford to be out of a job for too long. Some like Rick Reed, have bills to pay as Tim Kurkjian points out.

Reed is now a successful major league pitcher with the Minnesota Twins. But this wasn't always the case. Reed, along with a handful of other players, have been branded with a Scarlet Letter. Reed became one of baseball's "replacement players" in 1994. They chose to play on, despite the 94' labor strike. The Union has basically left them all out in the cold ever since then, regardless of the dire circumstances they were in at the time.

This labor strike, unlike the 94' one seems more about the rich players vs the rich owners, and everyone else has been left out in the cold. And unlike the previous strike, any prolonged stoppage this time around doesn't have Cal Ripken, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire to save it.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

STRIKE ON THE HORIZON: Baseball is about to go on strike because the players are not willing to allow greater revenue sharing between teams. Here's an argument for why baseball needs more revenue sharing. I couldn't agree more.

And I'm a Yankees fan.
HAMZA THREATENS "KAFIRS": The Muslim leader, Sheikh Abu Hamza made some very threatening statements at a rally in Great Britain for kafirs, or those who do not hold the same beliefs as he does.

Among Hamza's threatening remarks are the following:

"Even if they don't do anything - if Muslims cannot take them and sell them in the market - kill them, it's OK."

Hamza, expressing the ultimate elitist attitude, is under the impression only he is protected by a divine presence because his God is better than your God.

Robbing them and kafirs, or unbelievers, could be acceptable because they were not protected by Allah. He said: "I say go and do it (steal), take shoot and loot.

And don't you forget it.

"Every battle has its purpose. Ours is to put the authority of Allah and humiliate kafir who are challenging the authority of Allah and Muslims. Sometimes you will feel too weak to go on, but you say 'I still have some strength to humiliate and kill and remove some of the germs who are making me weak so that people who come after me can carry on with weaker enemies'."

And finally, Hamza concludes that Jihad should be wreaked upon all kafirs.

"Jihad is (our) fight and it is also an obligation. But some people call this terrorism. Jihad is the only way to protect believers. Jihad comes first. I do not want you to say 'I believe in one God'. No, no. I want you to make trouble for kafirs. Before you can say I believe in you God I want you to put everybody's god in the dustbin."

Apparently, killing someone simply because they do not hold the same religious beliefs as you is religious doctrine. But in no circumstances, is it, that yucky word, terrorism.

Finally, Hamza couldn't wait to blame September 11th on the Jews, because they are responsible for everything bad in the world after all.

Hamza even claimed New York's Twin Towers collapsed from inside because of "an America-Zionist plot to blame the Muslim world".

This guy's nuttier than a holiday fruit cake.

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Monday, August 26, 2002

CANADA DOESN'T "GET IT": Jean Chr├ętien clearly doesn't "get it". According to the Canadian Prime Minister, the Palestinian terrorist organization, Hamas, is not a terrorist group. According to our good friend Jean, Hamas provides funding to some schools and hospitals, and hence is apparently excused from its other terrorist activities. The conservative Canadian Alliance party, quickly denounced such stupidity.

Nevertheless, according to the Canadian left, killing off some kids is ok as long as you provide funding for the schooling of other kids. Go figure.
BACK AT SCHOOL: I'm back at American University as of this Saturday. So far, it's been great to be back and it feels like only yesterday since I saw everyone. The transition has been pretty smooth. I guess with each passing year, it gets easier. Anyways, check out Ben Wetmore's site, for daily updates on the comings and goings of the University.