Wednesday, August 21, 2002

BABYSITTING 101: And finally, John Hawkins explains why the United States is the world's "designated driver".
ELVIS WAS MORE THAN A ROCK STAR: Glenn Reynolds explains how Elvis helped conquer Communism.
HISTORY IN A NUTSHELL: Here's a little history lesson that is easy to follow about the Middle East conflict. Perhaps it will shed some light on why I am pro-Israel.

Facts, not propaganda, drive my beliefs and decisions.
DRINK AWAY: Scientists have discovered that drinking beer makes you appear more attractive to the opposite sex. Of course, college students have known this for years, but chose not to divulge the information. Now if any females out there would like to get plastered, my roomate could use a date.

Just kidding, Josh. Well, sort of...
OK, YOU CAN TAKE A DEEP BREATH NOW: Cynthia McKinney has lost the Democratic primary election. For those who don't know her, she is perhaps the looniest government official ever on this nation's payroll. To show how much she will be missed (or rather not missed), take a gander at the parody site, Goodbye Cynthia where you can learn all about this crazy woman.

PS. I love the picture on the top left.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

WASHINGTON DOESN'T WANT TO RAVE: Here's an interesting piece of Congress's attempt to shut down the underground rave movement. The music is not the problem according to Washington, but rather the drugs that are often associated with it, particularly MDMA, or Ecstacy as is commonly known. While I haven't personally attended rave parties, I know of many second hand accounts of such parties where "E" was prevalent.

We'll see how this move alongs...