Wednesday, August 14, 2002

On a less serious note, I got a haircut today, and it came out really short and not nearly what I was intending. It was the barber's first day and he couldn't even speak English.

Moral of story: Never let a rookie barber who can't speak English anywhere near your hair.
FALSE SOLIDARITY: One of the most important features in Islam is solidarity among the "brotherhood." It is expected that in a just war, jihad is expected of all Muslims (even according to non-radical doctrine). This seems fair enough as it is akin to patriotism among countries and their expected response to being attacked. However the evidence is overwhelming that the Arab states surrounding "Palestine" don't support their fellow brothers, and instead stop them at their borders, refusing to permit them citizenship. All the while, they keep asking Palestinians to push the victim card, hoping to gain the public relations leverage neccessary to keep their ruthless dictatorships from getting toppled.
ANOTHER DICHOTOMY OF ISRAEL-PALESTINE: This article explains it all.

On one side death is cause for introspection and mourning. On the other side death is cause for celebration.