Friday, August 09, 2002

THE 7 DEADLY SINS: Here's an excellent article from Ralph Peters on the seven signs of "loser" states. I think he's right on the money here. Case in point: America has none of these signs, while Saudi Arabia has all seven. America has the strongest economy in the world while Saudi Arabia has one of the weakest, despite existing in one of the most oil-rich territories in the world. But despite all our differences, we're still "friends".

And what great friends our Saudi brothers are.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY WATCH: The Catholic Church still hasn't received the memo. It's the 21st century guys. 7 women were excommunicated from the Church because they tried to become ordained priests, and were guilty of the horrendous crime of...being women.

It's a wonder if the Vatican consults the "Giant Spider" when making their decisions, as the hilarious show, "South Park" suggests. Time to get with the times. The Bible was written many, many years ago.