Friday, July 26, 2002

LEFT-RIGHT WARS: Hysterical article from Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post. Go ye and read it. Now.
ELITICISM OF THE LEFT: Here's a completely elitist article from John R. Bradley of the Arab News. In it, Bradley tries to portray the editor of the Opinion Journal, James Taranto, as having a "private agenda". Bradley seems to have the opinion that if you don't agree with him, then you are quite simply wrong. The article is a pointless diatribe in which he bashes Taranto over many paragraphs, each one basically paraphrasing the former. The only "facts" he could muster were the following:

They are a kind of twin evil. Sharon orders the crushing of civilians in their houses in Jenin in response to Palestinian suicide attacks. Taranto later provides a link to an Amnesty International report criticizing Palestinian suicide bombers. But he pointedly fails to provide a link to the same human rights organization’s report on the Jenin massacre.

Hey John, even your warped friends at Amnesty International denied there was ever any "Jenin massacre". So stop trying to pretend there was one. Enough already.

Consider the sheer intellectual effrontery of this insignificant, ghastly little excuse for a journalist dismissing in such crude, absolute terms two of the most distinguished investigative journalists writing in English for the last 30 years. No one alive has more knowledge about the Middle East, more experience of its complexities, and more passion for telling the world about the truth behind events in that region than Robert Fisk.

I admire Mr. Fisk's truth telling. I can't say the same for his sanity however. We're talking about a man who understood and all but praised the people who beat the crap out of him in Afghanistan, simply because he was American. Nevermind the fact that Mr. Fisk was staunchly against the war in Afghanistan, and on these people's side. Mr. Fisk is now the subject of humiliation from tons of writers and editors, and deservedly so. Mr. Taranto is merely one of them.

Bradley needs to open his eyes. Of course, he's probably not allowed to considering he works for a paper funded by a government where freedom of the press is strictly prohibited.
BEN SPEAKS OUT: Ben Wetmore spoke on the O'Reilly Factor last night as expected, and did a nice job of getting his points across. I thought the interview went well, and can hopefully help Ben's case against the AU administration. Only time will tell.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

AU STUDENT TO SPEAK OUT ON O'REILLY: Ben Wetmore, who is involved in an incident with American University, which you can learn more about here is scheduled to appear on the "O'Reilly Factor", on the Fox News Network, at 8 and 11 PM Eastern. I suggest that readers of this site tune in, as I'm sure Ben will have a lot to say.

Remember, it was "American Pie", the American University radio show, hosted by myself, Josh Kraushaar, and Chad Horn, that got the very first word on the incident from Ben himself. Ben had a lot to say, but unfortunately, the administration could not reveal anything, due to a "pending investigation." The school looks like it will have a lot more to deal with than that beginning tomorrow.

For more info about Ben, or the incident, check out his webpage here.
TRYING TO DEBUNK THE "ISRAELI MYTHS": I found the following website which tries to debunk what it calls the 6 "Israeli myths". Frankly, I'm not convinced at all. While Arafat has now condemned the suicide bombings in Arabic since the posting of this piece, the other myths all ring true. Whatever evidence that is brought up here is either a) sketchy details, b) a boldfaced lie, or c) quashed by outstanding evidence to the contrary.

The reason I continue to support Israel (even though I do not support all of its policies) is because there really is NO moral equivalence between directly targeting civilians, and accidental civilian deaths resulting from self-defense measures. And the best defense this site could find for the most important 1st "myth" was to flat out lie. Israel has never intentionally targeted civilians and the day it does is the day it loses all legitimacy.

Considering the state of Israel derived from the Holocaust, which deliberately killed the most the most innocent people ever, I don't expect such a day to ever occur.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

TROUBLE ON CAMPUS: The following article, courtesy of the Washington Post, shows the true ignorance of many journalists these days. The author bashes Ben Wetmore, a student at American University, calling him a "gadfly", (which I think became uncool to say around the time the wheel was invented), and various other not-so-nice things.

The verbal assaults in this piece are courtesy of anonymous sources of course. Seeing as how I know much more of the situation at hand because Mr. Wetmore was actually interviewed on my radio show at AU, it is obvious that the author of this article didn't really bother to look into the facts. And since when did sticking up for free speech make you a "gadfly"?

Monday, July 22, 2002

DISGUSTING ANTI-SEMITISM: Here is a disgusting piece of anti-Semitism from none other than the Arab News. While it might be fair to argue that the anti-Semitism phrase is being thrown at people too often for simply being anti-Israel, and not actually anti Semetic, the author instead tries to justify anti-Semetic acts!

The European sympathy for the Jews, in the first place, was not because of any love for them but because of the haunting memories of the Holocaust that have been weighing down on the European conscience ever since World War II. But the present Israeli acts have released the Europeans from the burden of guilt feeling and given them an opportunity to vent their feelings against the oppressions including that in Palestine, the writer noted.

So the Europeans no longer need to feel sorry for the Jews now because their "conscience is no longer being weighed down" apparently. Why is it so hard to feel bad for Jews whose lives are tragically taking by cowardly suicide bombers? Why must the resentment towards those who commit such dispicable acts stem from a guilty conscience, and not simply a logical perception of what is just and what is evil? The author of this article is a scumbag in denial. Perhaps he should simply write an article entitled "Why I Hate Jews" and get it over with.
ON THE ATTACK AGAIN: My roomate Josh Kraushaar, points to following article to help his stance against economic regulation in baseball.

I'm not sure what this proves though. It's certainly an interesting article but the stats don't really say much except that the Twins and the A's are well run franchises. (Most of the other "marginal values" for wins are pretty randomly distributed.) Anyways, the point is that, no one is claiming that the Twins and the A's are poorly run organizations. To do so would not only be ignorant but stupid.

Once again, revenue sharing simply assures greater parity between organizations and puts greater emphasis on the general manager since the best GM's are especially noticed when everyone is on even par. I think the NBA has the best economic situation of the 4 major American sports. Josh's comment about the dominance of the Bulls ignores the fact that the new labor agreement was signed in 1997, long after the dynasties of the great Bulls teams. As for the Lakers, they had acquired Shaquile O'Neal and Kobe Bryant during the year the labor agreement was being settled. The Lakers may very well be the last real "dynasty" in NBA history. I expect dominant teams in the future but the point of the labor agreement was to eliminate the have and the have nots.

It's time for baseball to jump on board. Josh, ya with me?

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