Saturday, July 20, 2002

WHY REVENUE SHARING IS NEEDED: My esteemed roomate, Josh Kraushaar, and I, have often quarelled on the subject of whether baseball needs revenue sharing and/or a salary keep. Ironically, it is I, the New York Yankees fan, who is in favor of it, and he, the Oakland Athletics fan, who is against it. Well, here is more proof of why revenue sharing is needed, from Peter Gammons (who Josh despises). The relevant blurb is at the top of the article and is very interesting because it places teams into different categories based on economic status, and shows there is inequality in the game, even despite the surprising Oakland Athletics and Minnesota Twins.

Josh has written many articles on the topic lately claiming that is it hypocritical of some authors to be in favor of free markets while praising revenue sharing in baseball. I'm going to have to completely disagree for one very simple reason: the point of baseball is to keep all organizations competitive, while the point of business is not. Business leaders try to drive out competition, by putting them out of business or by buying them out. However, baseball should not be run this way, or well, you have baseball 2002 style, with the have and the have nots.

As a Yankee fan, I'm almost bored of my team winning all the time. And something is definitely wrong with that.

Friday, July 19, 2002

THE REAL "CURSE OF THE BAMBINO": Check out the true story of "The Curse" here and how the Yankees almost became the Boston Yankees.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

FANTASY BASEBALL UPDATE: The New York Strategery is pleased to announce it enters the day in 5th place, after falling as low as 9th in late May. While the team is still 100-200 points shy of its predecessors, the Strategery has used nearly 10 fewer starts than each of those teams. Considering the Strategery boast the best starting pitching in the league, they expect to be in first place by month's end.

Fear the Strategery. Fear them.
NEW NATIONAL SECURITY PLAN: President Bush revealed his new national security plan today, and surprise surprise, it involves more dumb bureuacrats!

If there's one thing that's gonna protect us, it's more of those. Right.
A JOLLY GOOD TIME: I was at Raw last night with some friends and had an awesome time. For those not "in the know", RAW is a wrestling program performed by World Wrestling Entertainment, which is headed by Vince McMahon. Anyway, a good time was had by all, as we managed to get on TV (albeit extremely briefly) due to our rather, "interesting signs, shall we say. I won't go into details because they're probably not appropriate here, but if you would like to view the results from the show, come hither.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

AN IDIOT EXPOSED: This Bennie Walton guy needed to be taught a lesson, so who better to teach him one?

Anyway, here's his lame and very anti-Semetic article:

Since May of 2002 I have been writing commentaries about Israel and its Leninist socialism hidden behind a pretentious exterior of democracy just as Lenin attempted to do, and the Palestinian's whom Israel and the United States of America have demonized.

Last I checked, the Palestinian's have not been "demonized", in fact I distinctly remember President Bush calling for a Palestinian state very recently, the first time the word has been uttered in an official foreign policy declaration. I guess our friend Bennie wasn't paying much attention.

We have seen how Israel and the United States usurped Israel's inhuman, barbaric, and atrocious behavior by focusing on the corruption of Arafat and the Palestinian Authority, and its security forces. Necessary changes need to be made, however still diversionary.

How exactly was Israel's behavior "inhuman, barbaric, and atrocious"? Thanks for providing us with an example. As much as I like proving you wrong Bennie, I really can't do that if you simply make wild accusations with no basis whatsoever. Anyways, at least the guy is willing to admit the PA is corrupt and needs to be changed.

We have seen Israel, backed by the United States amplify Arafat's untruthfulness disproportionately, while declaring Israel's behavior as always having been above board, and honest, and fair, when history clearly tells us Israel has been against all initiatives for peace between them and the Palestinian's, as long as that peace has meant relinquishing territory.

Once again, no examples from this guy, so I'll provide some of my own. Arafat has been linked to terror on many occasions, sometimes immediatly after he completely denied such a link. The United State's current refusal to acknowledge Arafat as the Palestinian leader stems from the fact Arafat denied ties to the Al-Aqsa Brigades one day, and papers linking him directly to the organization landed on Bush's desk the next day.

Oh and by the way, I would say it's Arafat who has been against peace. Remember, he was the one who walked out on the Camp David Accords in 2000 and started the 2nd Intifada. That's ok, I guess you just forgot about that Bennie.

We have seen Arafat pathetically grovel before Israel and the United States, by declaring he was now ready to accept Clinton's peace plan. We have actually seen Arafat panicking under the dual onslaught of Israel and the United States of America.

I guess Bennie didn't forget. He's just stupid! Arafat may have "groveled" for peace (and what a horrible thing that would be), but apparently decided he didn't really want it in the end. He decided to give Mr. Clinton the middle finger instead. What a nice guy.

We have seen thousands of Palestinian's killed, wounded, and maimed for life, and how Israel and the United States diminished the significance of these deaths and injuries, by demonizing the Palestinian's, painting a picture of a barbaric people always killing innocents, whereas the reality has been more on Israel. The numbers tell the story.

So I guess the loser in every war was the good guy then? That's what Bennie's logic is saying here. Apparently, the side with more losses is the "good side" and the side with less losses is the "barbaric side." Nevermind that the majority of the Israeli's killed were civilians while the majority of Palestinian's killed were terrorists. Those are mere petty details to Bennie.

We have seen how the cantons have grown since President Bush came from a hands off stance to a hands on stance, and we have seen the level of violence and shear brutality of Israel increase at least a one hundred fold in comparison to what can be mustered out by all the Palestinian militant groups combined.

A hundred fold?!? Damn, that's a lot of fold!

We have seen Palestinian militants, freedom fighters, guerilla fighters, whatever they are to be called, continue to play by Sharon's rule book, of which none of them have the tactical knowledge or understanding to reverse Sharon's tactics.

I prefer to call them terrorists Bennie 'cause that's what they are.

We have seen Israel daily rationing water to Palestinian's while Israeli's enjoy green lawns and swimming pools (particularly in the settlements). A picture of plenty compared to a barren picture for Palestinian's in general.

Those evil Jews! How dare they only give water to the people who try to kill them! I guess Jews really are stingy after all.

You know why the picture is "barren" for Palestinians? Because their entire economic situation has been screwed up by their government. It must be hard to help feed your people when you're like...trying to blow people up and stuff.

We have seen Israel with the backing of the United States of America imprison an entire nation of people with military curfews that are inhumane by the standards of most nations, including the United Nations.

No stickball after dark?!? Oh the humanity!

We have seen the United States give its stamp of approval to this inhumanity to man. Never mind that under these curfews small children and babies are suffering tremendously, and neither Israel or the United States indicates that they care at all.

Little Sharon can't drive after dark either?!? Oh wait, Little Sharon can't drive at all because she's a woman and her government won't let her.

We have seen tanks roll into West Bank cities and deliberately roll over parked cars and ambulances. We have seen this same deliberateness to destroy Palestinian societies by pillaging, vandalizing, and destroying non militaristic Palestinian institutions. We saw Israeli tanks leaving Arafat's compound in Ramallah deliberately crushing personal vehicles.

Check this link out. Now check out number 7. Not only does it state that attacks on ambulances and the like are bs, but that ambulances are being used to store weapons. So much for them being non militaristic, eh Bennie?

I stand by the description of Leninists as describing Israel's true government leaning.


We have seen very clearly for the first time in American history that there is no difference between the major parties in America when it comes to being servants to the Jewish and Zionist lobbies here in the United States.

When all else fails, break out the classic, "The Jews control America" paranoia.

We have seen the EU and the Arab nations continue to publically give lip service, and no tangible evidence that they are doing anything at all to stop these sieges of an entire nation of people, and yes we have seen Mubarak of Egypt tell the world how fair and just President Bush's vision plan is.

That's probably because it is. To hear it from a Muslim must break Bennie's little heart.

There is also Jordan, a nation that has a large Palestinian population which continues to walk softly in providing any tangible aid to their Palestinian kindred in the West Bank and Gaza, being sure not to burn what shaky bridge that have been able to build with the United States.

Those damn Jordanians won't join their suicide bombing brothers. In the immortal words of South Park, "You bastards!"

The most egregious acts of Israel are the cantons, and the military curfews on an entire nation of people. Limited Leninist Socialism in Israel is alive and well.

So now it's limited? Make up your friggin' mind.

This part is to the world of nations at large: If you don't force Israel to stop and remove these military curfews, and to stop and desist from preventing humanitarian aid, both medical and food stuffs from regularly getting to the Palestinian people, you too can consider yourselves as active participants with the United States, and the United Nations in permitting ethnic cleansing, slow genocide, starvation, malnutrition, increase of diseases do to un-repaired sewage systems, garbage, and a host of other unclean conditions, mental disorders do to the long and savage curfews, and more ......!

Before you said that the Israelis themselves were providing water rations to the Palestinians. Now they're trying to commit ethnic genocide by preventing humanitarian aid? I believe this is the first article I've read which has argued its own points.

Here is a hint on how to stop the bombings - in time:

1. Stop punishing all the people all the time. The result will be that retaliation will diminish over time.

Let's get rid of all laws altogether! People can turn themselves in, but only if they want to. We'll make it optional.

2. Israel, focus your attacks upon the known groups from which bombers come out of. Do not do house to house searches. Focus your searches with reasonableness, and through informants, and through other intelligence gathering means.

It's simple. All Israel has to do is find the "Terrorists Are Here" sign and the job is done.

3. Stop holding water back from Palestinian civilians. Learn to share, and to share knowledge for the betterment of all people both Israeli and Palestinian.

I thought they were sharing water rations with the Palestinians? It looks like the voices inside Bennie's head are really getting to him.

4. Stop cutting off electricity from Palestinian civilians. Learn to share, and to share knowledge for the betterment of all people both Israeli and Palestinian.

5. Stop preventing sewer systems from being repaired, and adequately maintained. Remove the snipers.

6. Stop preventing International observers from being with and amongst Palestinian authorities.

7. Stop destroying non military buildings, and other non military structures.

8. Stop confiscating, or destroying Palestinian public and social records, as an attempt to wipe out Palestinian historical existence.

9. Stop destroying the homes of Palestinian's.

I particularly like number 8. Like when the damn Jews try to destroy the history books which label Jews as evil, God-killers, etc. How inconvenient.

10. Keep talkers, negotiators always in the loop, speaking with Palestinian authorities. Be flexible.

11. Constantly show that Israel wants to be a good neighbor. You won't please the militants who only want war, but you can win the minds and hearts of people slowly but surely, better than you can with the canon, and the bullet.

12. Stop the IDF and the Settlers from raiding Palestinian businesses.

13. Seriously punish IDF troops and settlers who act on their own to commit acts of vandalism, pillaging, theft, rape, and murder.

14. Demonstrate over time that Zionism will allow both Israeli's and Arabs to live together as equals. This may sound like a joke, but prove your intentions are not continued conquest of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and beyond to other Mid East territories.

15. As a good gesture of willingness to be reasonable, remove all of the known illegal settlements, even those which are by definition military outposts, but which are occupied largely by settlers.

You know what? I'm not gonna even bother with this. Bennie lives in a fantasy land, so this doesn't even warrant a response.

We have seen Israeli's continue to say there were no Palestinian's, no Palestine in 1948, and that the land was not inhabited, when the facts show that there was no Israel just as there was no Palestine, but there was a people, Palestinian who occupied much of the lands under various rulers for hundreds of years along with the lesser known Bedouins, both who are de facto original inhabitants of all the lands now bitterly occupied by Israeli's (the Canaanites no longer exist as a separate and distinctive people).

We have heard Israeli's speak of their Biblical right, or some right by way of the Koran for militarily seizing land by dispossession, or expropriation, when no such right exists, as the majority of Jews are not decedents of the original Hebrews who were originally out of the Orient. Most Jews and Israeli's claim they have a natural, or God given right to the lands they now possess simply by being of the Jewish faith, is not historically factual. No right exist based on a Faith.

Shockingly enough, I agree with Bennie here. No right exists based on a Faith. And that holds true for all sides involved.

Just as I often prove to so-called Christians their lack of understanding of the Scriptures both Hebrew and Christian Greek, I would have no problem in doing so also with Jews (practical experience), for they, although discarding the Christian Greek Scriptures, still point to the Hebrew, or Old testament as a basis for who and what they are, and rights they claim they have.

We have seen so-called Christians aligns themselves with a religion that was active in the very death of the founder of the Christian faith Jesus Christ, who exposed the hypocrisies of those wayward religions of Jesus Day as no longer following in the way of Moses, but as being hypocrites, and offspring of vipers.

Just some more "The evil Jews killed Jesus" stuff here.

Continuing with these so-called Christians we have seen and learned that they don't know or understand the difference between Earthly Israel, and Heavenly Israel. One is of Fleshly Beings, the other is of non Fleshly Beings. One is comprised largely of a people who lived by a sworn oath and failed, the other are Beings who become, out of the nations, a people for God's Name, taken out of figurative tribes of Israel, and who's existence is not earthly bound, but heavenly, in the Heavenly New Jerusalem, the seat of worship of the God of the Bible, and the seat of the Theocratic Government over the New Heavens and New Earth.

Yadda, yadda, yadda...

We have seen the Palestinian's shoot their own feet over and over again by playing into Sharon's divide and conquer war tactics. Sharon in his tactics was effectively saying; 'come on you stupid fools, the more you hit us, the more we can demonize you, the swing (United States) is on our side, and you cannot win.'

I think it's pretty fair to "demonize" someone that tries to kill you. But if Sharon was really asking for it, then why is he doing the house to house searches (which you so vehemently despire) to try to find the terrorists before they strike?

We have seen the brazen Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, Tanzim, and others, just stupidly, and blindly follow every snap of Sharon's militaristic commands. Militant groups who don't seem to realize that their vary existence can be eliminated, like tomorrow, in a massive search and destroy war scenario, and that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians will loose their lives from every man, woman, and child. And then when Israel decides it has to use a nuke or two, you will not recover for decades, if not centuries.

Israel has nukes and has chosen not to use them. Perhaps its because it's not under a tyrannical, corrupt dictatorship.

Many nations outside of the Arab world have learned to reign in religious groups and their fanatical, or radical belief systems (Israel too needs to be reigned in for the same reason), but most Arab nations and peoples still don't understand why this is necessary, and it will continue to be a flash point in Arab (and Israeli) thinking.

Trust me Bennie, the rest of the world would love it if it were this easy. But we're talking about trained, cold-blooded killers here. Not puppies.

Point: Just because the news medias have seemingly quieted down, don't become complacent and let Israel continue unabated, unchallenged in its Limited Leninist ideology. If Israel is not reigned in, it will soon become too big for its britches even for the United States to handle, and this is quickly becoming the case. Israel is a monster in the making. There is still a chance of bringing since and reasonableness to it, but the longer the G8 and the UN waits, and does nothing, the more this monster will become unreachable.

It would be like what Godzilla did to Tokyo!

Wait, you mean that didn't happen?