Friday, June 07, 2002

Former major league pitcher Jim Bouton thinks former major league slugger Jose Canseco will be "crossing the line" if he publishes his supposed tell-all book about steroid use in baseball later in the year. Apparently Bouton did not cross the line when he wrote a very similar "tell-all" type of book, because he withheld the names of the people he was exposing. Doesn't sound like much of an expose to me. Here's his take on the situation:

"And I didn't cross the line that Jose is trying to. My book wasn't a 'tell-all' book -- it was a 'tell-some' book. All the sexy stories had no names attached to them. There were no players quoted in stories about anti-semitism or racism."

Bouton doesn't want the book written because he believes it will hurt the integrity of the game in addition to breaking some of the unwritten codes in baseball. Seems like Bouton didn't seem to mind too much about that when he wrote his own book. Obviously, Canseco isn't doing this just for fun, or for the sake of the fan's knowledge. There is a lot of money at stake here. However, Bouton didn't write his book for shits and giggles either.

While I'm not the biggest Jose Canseco fan in the world, he has a little something called freedom of the press on his side. And if that means that some itty, bitty, wittle ballplayers have to get their feelings hurt in the process, then that's just too damn bad. Canseco claims to have proof of each of the exposed's abuses, and he will reveal them in his book, so he is free to pretty much say whatever he pleases about them, much to Bouton's displeasure. And I personally am looking forward to it. Some players cheated. The public has a right to know about it.
Going along the never is so-and-so justified theme, here is a little excerpt between a friend and I over his waiving of the Texas Rangers shortstop sensation Alex Rodriguez on AOL Instant Messenger:

GoHaN GTZ: I dropped A rod
RunJohnny5: why in god's green earth did you drop arod?
GoHaN GTZ: his team was causing me to suck
GoHaN GTZ: but I added carlos guillen
RunJohnny5: you idiot
GoHaN GTZ: eh
GoHaN GTZ: i could always pick him up again as bench player
GoHaN GTZ: dam he has to clear wavers
RunJohnny5: right....
RunJohnny5: youre dumb

I'm in a different fantasy baseball league than this particular friend, and "Arod" happens to play for my team as well. No offense, but you'd have to be a complete idiot to release this guy. And my friend here apparently fits the bill.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Laurence Grafstein tackles what should be a no brainer issue: when are suicide attacks on civilians a valid form of military action? It's simple really: Never. Let me repeat that. N-E-V-E-R. Here's the best excerpt from Grafstein:

Apologies also to the P.A., the 20 Arab autocrats, the Iranian theocracy, numerous other prominent Sunni and Shiite clerics from around the world, the European Union, Kofi Annan and his many U.N. organs, CNN, certain circles at the U.S. State Department, and the American university left. There are simply no circumstances in which the premeditated targeting of innocent civilians is justified. And the widespread, institutionalized use of this illegitimate tactic by what Cody calls "activists," even in a supposedly legitimate cause, not only undermines that cause, but also calls into question the very legitimacy of that cause.

The key point here is Grafstein's echoing of my personal feelings: "There are simply no circumstances in which the premeditated targeting of innocent civilians is justified." End of story. Why is this even an issue? Hard to believe such "human rights" organizations such as Amnesty International and the United Nations defend such actions on occasion. Doesn't sound like they're defending human rights to me...
Do you know how to flirt? According to the Social Issues Research Centre, flirting is actually part of human nature and instinct. So why does it take them so damn long to explain it then? Don't get me wrong, I like the article, but I think it gets a little too systematic, don't ya think?
Excellent article by Shaun Assael on about how steroid use and the death of Davey Boy Smith (better known as the British Bulldog to wrestling fans) should have a greater affect on major league baseball, yet goes unnoticed. Smith was a former wrestler who was "jacked" as one might say thanks to his frequent use of steroids. Smith apparently died, very prematurely due to complications caused by his rampant steroid use in the early part of his career. Despite getting off the "juice" in the latter half of his career, Smith nonetheless was a victim of drug abuse. Baseball players should take note of this, because as Assael points out, wrestlers have been dying prematurely due to performance enhancers for many years now. Yet baseball players turn their heads the other way because bigger muscles = bigger paychecks.

It's hard to say whether the tradeoff is worth it for a ballplayer. Ken Caminiti, the 1996 National League MVP who started the whole steroid fiasco, correctly stated that he cannot tell someone that they're "wrong" for steroid usage simply because it is often the difference between being good and being great, or greater still, the difference between being a millionaire and being a career minor leaguer. However, Davey Boy Smith happened to be a personal favorite of mine, and now he is no longer with us. His use of steroids may have helped his livelihood during his wrestling career, but now he has no livelihood. And that's a shame.
Looks like the Sandbox Fantasy Baseball League is really starting to heat up. Trades have been contested left and right, and tempers are flaring. For more news, check out my roomate's site for more details on the events transpiring. I'll post my own commentaries on it tomorrow, but it's late now, so I'm off to bed.
Great article from CNN correspondent Jerrold Kessel detailing the events of the latest terrorist attack. Chilling moments were witnessed when a couple was seen embracing in their final moments, and when the driver managed to escape the bus and survive his 4th suicide attack.

But I don't think that this scumbag really cares too much. He's too busy denouncing the attack, while once again dodging why he didn't do anything to stop it, relying on his now repetitive technique of claiming that Israel's retaliations are stopping him from doing so. Nice try, but these attacks have been going on for many, many years now, before any such retaliations even started, and Arafat seems more concerned with releasing terrorists than imprisoning them anyway. I think it's time to exile this man. Bush calls him "inefective". I call him a lying scumbag.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

The Onion never ceases to be absolutely hysterical to me. What ever happened to the KKK anyway? Looks like they've become a bigger joke than OJ.
Pardon my French, but if you want to see the most fucked up people in the world, look over here. Now I'm personally not an environmentalist, but I can at least, generally see their points. But this is absolutely ridiculous. Check out what they say in the "About the Movement" section:

In the end, the real "enemies" are human greed, ignorance, and oppression. We can achieve more by promoting generosity, awareness, and freedom than we can by vainly kicking at a buttless foe.

Great progress will be made toward improving the quality of life on Earth by countering greed with responsibility, ignorance with education, and oppression with freedom.

Ok, they used some nice words there. Let's do a recount for those who can't keep up: generosity, awareness, freedom (twice), responsibility, and education. Apparently, if we voluntarily remove ourselves from the planet, we'll have all those qualities. Of course, we'll also all be DEAD but these guys don't seem to care too much about that. Tell you what, why don't you guys remove yourselves from the gene pool first and we'll follow suit, mmkay? Actually we won't but at least the world will be rid of morons like yourselves.
Apparently I'm abnormal! At least this website thinks so. I thought of red wrench, what did you think of?

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Great article by Mark Kreidler over at on how owners have no one to blame but themselves for the rapidly escalating salaries in baseball. Too often, major league owners try to throw a lot of money at star players in order to achieve a quick fix or sell some tickets. But sometimes, the move completely backfires, as in the case of Kevin Brown, who has been constantly hampered by injuries since he signed his contract, and whose career looks in jeopardy only half way through it. Even when the player performs, such as Alex Rodriguez is doing in Texas, the production does not necessarily equate to victories. Ask Rangers owner Tom Hicks if he'd like his 250 million back.

Ironically, the article does not even mention the dumbest of all signings, which was also by the Dodgers not surprisingly. The signing I'm referring to is that of Darren Dreifort who not only has been injured constantly since signing his own 5 year, 55 million dollar deal, but when he was healthy, he had been average at best. At least Brown is a good pitcher. But apparently Satan....err....I mean, this man can convince anyone to throw money to he and his clients on command. And the owners fall for it every time.
My friend sent me this link which I found rather amusing. Perhaps this man should take the test. "Not that there's anything wrong with that."
These guys are on fire, both literally and figuratively. The two zany hosts, who have drawn comparisons to Howard Stern for their say anything, do anything attitude, are better than ever, but not everyone is happy about it. I'll get to that in a sec, but let me first introduce these guys for those who are not familiar with them.

The comic duo of Opie and Anthony, or simply "O and A" to their die hard listeners, have always pulled no punches on the radio. They initially had a cult following in their early years, but have now entered the mainstream after the duo reportedly signed million dollar a year contracts last year. Yet their shtick is still there, and they still remain two of the funniest guys on the radio, perhaps even funnier than the infamous Howard Stern himself. I had stopped listening to them once I got to college, but apparently I've been missing out because they've only gotten better since then. Check them out on WNEW radio if you live in the tri-state area or check your local listings.

Anyway, here is the point I want to make. Recently, the duo "dumped" one of their die hard fans, "Stalker Patti", who was a frequent visitor to the show. Patti is a somewhat mentally retarded woman who had become obsessed with the show, and considered the duo her family. O and A eventually decided to let her go yesterday after she had apparently wore out her welcome. "It's about ratings Patti. There's not much more we can do with you now. We've shaved your head...twice even. It's time for you to go." Obviously this revelation came as quite a shock to Patti who thought all along that the comic duo really loved her. Perhaps O and A were a bit too candid, but give them credit for letting her say good bye on the air, rather than at a back stage meeting where no one would have heard about it.

Many of the duo's listeners called in today claiming they were no longer listeners to the show because of the duo's remarks to Patti. Of course, these are the same people who laughed at Patti when O and A took advantage of her "talents" to boost the ratings. They weren't complaining then.

Which brings me to my point. The media and our society in general complains so much about not getting honest or candid quotes from athletes or other famous people these days. And they're right. Public figures have been reduced to spilling out constant cliches in order to achieve strong public relations. Why is this? Because when they actually have the guts to say what they really feel, you have people like some of the Opie and Anthony listeners whining and moaning. Some people need to loosen up, or else saying what you really feel will become a form of voluntary censorship.
Looks like it's time to play the blame game. After FBI officials claimed they had received no intelligence briefing from the CIA prior to September 11th, the CIA is now claiming it did in fact give such warnings but that the FBI did not heed them. So who's to blame? Personally, at this point, I don't care. I think we should try trying to pinpoint blame on everyone else, and let's just try to prevent the next September 11th. Sound good?
I found this rather funny. Apparently sleeping on the job isn't such a bad thing anymore. All kidding aside, this sets a potentially dangerous precedent in the Supreme Court where a lawyer who figures to be on the losing end of a case can simply doze off at some point during the trial in order for his client to receive a retrial. Just a thought.

Monday, June 03, 2002

Alfonso Soriano, the Yankees hot hitting second baseman got into some trouble with his manager Joe Torre yesterday. Maybe he should have told him that his dog ate his jockstrap.
I've never been big on religion. Seeing as how my parents were both Jewish (my father is Jewish and my mother converted before I was born), yet the holidays we celebrated were primarily Christian (because my grandmother was a devout Christian), I never really became too interested in affiliating myself with either or any side.

Nevertheless, I was touched by the following story, because it shows why I sincerely believe we live in the greatest country in the world. Despite the heinous attacks of September 11th, a Jewish rabbi (of all people), proposes we build a mosque at Ground Zero. While I would personally prefer to see a new set of towers built at the site instead, I am still amazed at how far we have come and how tolerant Americans are of all humanity, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.
Larry Miller has an excellent article on the recent burning of a Jewish embassy in France. With all the vehement anti-Semitism in France lately, one would think a lengthly investigation would follow. After all, it is not everyday that an embassy burns down. Especially in a country which seemingly fosters hatred toward the country the embassy represents. But this is exactly what has happened in France recently, and the French government has once again chosen to ignore the issue.

I've never been one to suggest a boycott, and I still don't suggest anything of the sort following this incident. But this is getting ridiculous. It's almost as if the French government thinks Israel is "a shitty little country" or something. Oh nevermind, I guess it does.
Congratulations to this man for beating the odds and topping Crazy Cabbie in Howard Stern's battle pitting "the Junkie vs. the Flunkie." The stuttering one pulled the stunning upset in a unanimous decision following 5 rounds of surprisingly good boxing, proving that Goliath doesn't win all the time. Unfortunately, he still usually does.
I just added some new features including a guestbook, a site counter, and a daily cartoon for your amusement. Note my site counter measures visits, not hits, so as not to inflate my totals, as some sites tend to do these days.

Sunday, June 02, 2002

On a much less serious note, the Montville Out-Out-Towners have acquired star pitcher Javier Vazquez of the Tenleytown Titties, in exchange for Mike Lieberthal, Richard Hidalgo, and Woody Williams. No word yet if pizza was involved in the deal.

Evan Halperin was reportedly furious with the deal, all but conceding victory to the Titties in the very heated 2002 Annual Sandbox Fantasy Baseball League.
Yasser Arafat announced earlier he had major plans for his government, including the first democratic elections in years. He also vowed to restructure his government in order to crack down on terrorism. Apparently, that means letting them join you .

I guess being involved with 1 terrorist organization (the Al-Aqsa Brigades have direct links to Arafat's Fatah movement) wasn't enough.
How do we prevent nuclear war between Pakistan and India? The Brain Trust has the answer. And it's not what you think.
Shocking would be an understatement. When I first encountered this "game" , I was near certain it was a joke or a hoax. However, once it was confirmed that it does in fact exist, I was in disbelief.

For those who might have missed it, "Islamic Fun" includes 6 different types of mini games which are designed to help stimulate a young child's mind in various ways. However, in one of those "Which of the following does not belong" moments, the final mini game, entitled, "The Resistance" is just a little disturbing. In it, a young child is taught how to role play: "You are a farmer in South Lebanon who has joined the Islamic Resistance to defend your land and family from the invading zionists." Sounds simple enough.

Apparently all you have to do is answer some very skewed questions and you are rewarded with "ammunition". Ammunition?!? Yes, ammunition. Which you get to shoot at Israeli tanks! Yippee! Sounds like someone's trying to brainwash the very gullible little kiddies. Nevertheless, Abbas Panjwani, the boss of the company which created the game, defends it by claiming, "It does not target any religious or racial group including the Jewish community." Maybe so, but it sure seems to target the Israeli people who at last check were almost entirely of Jewish dissent. Did I mention the game was targeted to 5 to 11 year olds? How lovely.

Welcome to my brand new blog! My name is Phil Kahn and I'm going to be a junior at American University next fall. My roomate was the one who recommended to me, and his own blog can be found here. I think we both have some interesting viewpoints as we have seemingly become more conservative since going to college rather than leaning more to the left as most college students do upon their arrival. This blog will focus on any events in the world I deem interesting, particularly politics, sports, my school, and any other random stuff that peaks my interest. Enjoy!